Where to start and how to register the land under the house as your property?
To register the land under your house as your property, you need to know where to start. Methods for registering inheritance rights, dacha amnesty, and...
How to resolve a land dispute with neighbors?
To resolve land disputes, it is not always necessary to go to court. The conflict over land surveying can be resolved by agreement of the parties.
Mandatory pre-trial procedure for resolving a land dispute
Mandatory procedure for pre-trial settlement of disputes over land and land surveying. The process of conflict resolution in civil proceedings before trial.
Legal increase in land area
You can increase the area of ​​your land plot in the manner prescribed by law. You can expand your holdings through clarification, land surveying, and redistribution.
Correction of a registry error for land plots
Correction of registry errors in the Registry entries occurs according to the approved procedure: from filing an application to consideration in court.
We draw up the addition of a land plot: procedure, terms, cost of the service
Preparation of documents for the addition of a land plot to your main plot in accordance with the new law of the Russian Federation. Trimming procedure and cost...
How to resolve the issue of violation of the boundaries of a plot of land by neighbors?
If there is a violation of the boundaries of a land plot by a neighbor, then what to do in this situation and where to turn for help in solving...
Why is it necessary to establish land boundaries?
There is a certain procedure for establishing the boundaries of a land plot by law. List of documents, cost of land surveying services and filing a claim...
Crossing the boundaries of adjacent land plots - how to eliminate them?
What to do in a situation where the boundaries of your land plot (PL) intersect along the border with the adjacent territory of a neighbor. How to eliminate intersection...
What to do if the boundaries of the land plot have not been established in accordance with the laws
Unestablished boundaries of a land plot according to the law of the Russian Federation impose a number of risks for the owner, since they can be challenged in court...
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