Documents for land plots
Where to start and how to register the land under the house as your property?
To register the land under your house as your property, you need to know where to start. Methods for registering inheritance rights, dacha amnesty, and...
Land dispute lawyer: advantages and terms of cooperation
Qualified assistance from lawyers and lawyers in land disputes will help you win a case in court regarding land issues.
What will be the misuse of the land?
The laws of the Russian Federation provide for fines for the misuse of land plots by their owners. Responsibility falls on the actual owners of the land.
Obtaining a building permit in Ramensky district
The procedure for obtaining a building permit in the Ramensky district. The procedure for processing documents according to the developer’s application and the list of required papers.
Where to order a cadastral extract of a land plot and how to obtain a certificate
A cadastral extract of a land plot can currently be ordered and received as a certificate from the Unified State Register of Real Estate. Information on the property is issued...
How to quickly find out whether a land plot has been previously surveyed
How to find out whether a land plot has been surveyed and when the boundaries are determined. Is there a way to check online or...
Guidelines for assigning a postal address to a residential building or plot
Before assigning a postal address to a land plot, individual or apartment building, you need to collect documents and do everything in order.
What documents are needed for land surveying?
What documents for land surveying are needed to determine the boundaries of the site. Laws of the Russian Federation, documents before and after land surveying in SNT.
How many meters from the fence can you build a house: legal norms
When planning to build a house, it is necessary to take into account the norms of distances from the fence to other areas. How many meters from the fence can you build a house...
State registration of ownership of land
The procedure for state registration of ownership of a land plot. List of documents for registration of rights to land by inheritance, when donated.

Documents for land plots

Basic documents for registration of a land plot.

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